Hand Therapy Lotion Trio (Apricot, Mandarin & Woody, Ylang Ylang)


Experience the luxury of Shea Butter. Enriched with natural essential oils, this nourishing moisturizer has been used by African women for centuries to restructure, soften, and protect the skin. Enjoy its rich aroma and its amazing moisturizing benefits.

Apricot 30ml
A blend of Shea butter and Apricot to give your hands the divine nourishment they deserve. Feel the abundant moisture and refreshing aromas enveloping and gently protecting your skin. 

Mandarin and Woody 30ml                                                                                                      Discover a luxuriously inviting atmosphere with our Mandarin-infused oil. Its woody fragrance combines the appeal of freshly-picked fruit with the relaxation of a tranquil environment, making it the perfect accompaniment for your home or office.

Ylang Ylang 30ml
The enticing Ylang Ylang aroma provides lovely comfort and hydration.