Runway Body Scrub Towel + Jeju Volcano Scrub Soap Bar


Our traditional Korean bathhouse Body Scrub Towel is an exfoliating washcloth that helps remove dead skin, unclog pores, improve blood circulation, and leaves your skin incredibly smooth and soft. Use it to gently scrub and rejuvenate your skin for the ultimate clean feeling.

Here we have paired it with our Jeju Volcano Scrub Soap Bar, made with camellia oil, citrus oil, celestial plant, red vegetable, and aloe extracts, all sourced from the Jeju volcanic rocks and native plants. These rare and natural ingredients contain vitamin C and oleic acids, which will gently remove impurities and moisturize your skin. 

  • Do not wash with chlorine bleach.
  • Do not use on face.
  • Size (towel): 13.5 cm x 23.5 cm