Mini Cushioned Nail File (180/240 Grit) (Pack of 5)


These are our double-sided washable nail files, in compact, portable sizes. Gentle on natural nails.

  • Colour: black
  • Size: 9 cm x 2 cm x 0.4 cm (thickness)
  • Grit: 180/240


When to use each grit?

80 Grit
Recommended to use on artificial nails
This is an extra coarse grit which is helpful for removing gel overlay and shortening artificial nails. It is NOT recommended for use on natural nails.

100 Grit
Recommended to use on artificial nails and hard natural toenails
This is coarse grit that can be used for shaping artificial nails or shaping hard natural toenails.

150 Grit
Recommended to use on natural nails
Medium grit. This file can be used on natural nails for filing and smoothing out the natural nail surface.

180 Grit
Recommended on natural nails
This is a medium file that can be used on healthy natural nails. You can use it to shape nails and give them a smooth finish.

240 Grit
Recommended on natural, brittle, and damaged nails
This is the softest and finest grit. You can use it to shape your natural nails, and it is particularly recommended for brittle and damaged nails.